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Is the Air in your car making you sick ?

The state of your air conditioning system doesn’t just impact the temperature of your car - Your car’s air system can have an impact on the safety of the air inside your vehicle as well. Clinical research shows that when not properly maintained the air inside your car can contain a higher concentration of pollutants than the air outside your car causing headaches, nausea, allergic reactions, and disease.

Car air conditioning filters are proven to reduce the amount of pollutants entering your car from the outside, and to reduce the volatile compounds that are released from the interior of new cars. But thats only if they are not blocked or working inefficiently. A blocked air con filter is causing your air con to struggle and push bad air around your car.

Replacing your air conditioning filter is the first step to improving the air in your car - but what about the rest of the system?

Air Conditioning systems in cars can build up mould, bacteria and germs all the way through the system - not just in the filter. This wont just make your car smell - it can make you seriously ill. Allergic reactions, headaches, eye irritations, nausea, fatigue and asthma can all be caused by the organisms living and breeding in your cars air system.

Luckily at De Jonge Mechanical Repairs we have the solution - 


Breathe Easy with a MiST In Car Air Quality Service

A MIST clean of your system uses ultra sonic technology to ensure that your car's air con system is clean and free of nasty bugs - making your car not only smell fantastic and fresh but makes it healthier for you and your family.

Call us today and ask how fast and easy it is to completely sanitise your car's air conditioning system.



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